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Rental Inspections 
Lead Testing

Providing Everything You Need

To Register Your Rental Property


Rental Inspections

Inspectology conducts both Baltimore City and Baltimore County Rental Inspections. We can do them as standalone inspections or with Lead Testing. After scheduling you will receive an email that will easily walk you through the process of registering your property. 

Lead Testing (Full Risk Reduction)

This inspection is also known as a dust swipe inspection or full risk reduction inspection. The inspection has two components. The first component is a visual inspection, where we will look for any defective paint inside of the property, on the exterior, and in the basement. Then we can collect dust swipes to ensure that no lead-containing dust is present. After passing this inspection, you will be issued a certificate that is valid only for the current tenant or 2 years. Each tenant change requires a new inspection. 

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